A live in a detached house

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A live in a detached house

Beitrag von rabi » 24.12.2013, 11:59

A live in a detached house. The balconies and terraces are both to East side. The terraces are separated duch a wooden privacy screen and a hedge. The neighbors are very often used to smoke outside, grilling and, most recently, for deep frying. Unfortunately, inhabited A daughter's room towards the east, so they can only sleep with the window open, if the neighbors are not staying on the terrace, otherwise the room smells like a smoky pub or chip shop. Unfortunately calls are not possible, we have tried quite a few times. Can anything be done about this situation, and if so, what and how?

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Re: A live in a detached house

Beitrag von Klaus » 24.12.2013, 12:14

Gegen rauchenden Nachbarn auf der Terasse kann man wenig machen.
Es ist nicht zwingend nötig stundenlang zu lüften,
eigentlich reicht es wenn man kräftig einmal lüftet. Und man kann auch bei geschlossenen Fenster schlafen.

Um ein perfektes Haus muss eine 3 Meter hohe Mauer passen !